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Professional car Hifi bass midrange component speaker, 100W max, 4 Ohm This high-tech component system is designed for audiophile car hifi applications. This system is precisely equipped with ultra flat 16cm top-class high-end silk dome tweeter via a perfectly developed network, and gives you an unbelievable nice sound. The shallow speaker allows almost any mounting situation and the level stability is far above the average.
2-way Crossover Network
Excellent woofer and Tweeter 12dB/Oct crossover.
Output 150W 4 ohm load, built-in Tweeter +/- 3dbs boost/cut switch. MKP PP film capacitor utilized for Tweeter sound. With Bi-AMP type input (Separate woofer and Tweeter input terminal). Dimension:150(L)x100(W)x35(H)mm
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