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Professional car Hifi midrange component speaker, 100W max, 4 Ohm This 6.5 component system is equipped with standard Euro basket, 25mm silk dome tweeter of supper quality and sophisticated crossover network. The polypropylene cone with rubber surround, 25mm TIL voice coil produce a real very clear and comfortable sound. This ultra flat Neodymium midrange speaker is not only very light compared with speakers of conventional design but also nice-looking. It can be installed easily in the front door.
2-way Crossover Network
Excellent woofer and Tweeter 12dB/Oct crossover.
Output 150W 4 ohm load, built-in Tweeter +/- 3dbs boost/cut switch. MKP PP film capacitor utilized for Tweeter sound. With Bi-AMP type input (Separate woofer and Tweeter input terminal). Dimension:150(L)x100(W)x35(H)mm
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